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About The Creator

Shamiria Ty'Quaile, creator

As an accountability coach and mental health enthusiast Shamiria's love for community, supports her as she spreads her message. We all have "A Different Purpose". She's a free-spirited personality from Monroe GA. Founder and CEO of ASKtheShamiriaT  & "A Different Purpose" Podcast.

Shamiria T. is an artist  & influencer with a divine purpose. As she progresses in her own spiritual journey she shares her art, love, and story with all the hearts light enough to receive. The brand was created to uplift, encourage and create community while celebrating our individual journeys. Known best for her unbiased witty advice she is also an authoress, poet, and multimedium artist.


Message From The Creator


I'm glad you're here. If you’re here that means “I did it”! Whew! It's been a long time coming! I’ve been building this brand since I started my personal journey back in 2018. I’ve triumphed through childhood trauma, domestic violence, cancer and even my own self-destruction, to deliver you a message. I am not here to coarse you, covert you or convince you of anything I am here to lead by an exceptional example of “Don’t quit”! Here I share with you my gifts, talents, and time in hopes to inspire and empower you to get back to YOU!

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